Music promotion services for independent artists

Most of our clients have several needs when it comes to their music release. We offer a broad range of promotion services that artists can take advantage of when they are marketing their mixtape, album or latest single.

How can rappers promote their mixtape on DatPiff to get more recognition?

Most rappers release their mixtape on DatPiff, tweet about 5 times the link of their release to their following and think they've just started the biggest guerilla marketing campaign ever but what happens then? Nothing! No downloads, no fans, no momentum, no success. But what marketing strategy should an artist, rapper or singer use when a new music release is coming up? How can social media channels be orchestrated in a way that helps the rapper to create connections with real fans instead of paying for fake likes and views? The answer is simple: Create interesting content that forces engagement with your fan base and new fans will follow soon.

Mixtape reviews and press coverage are essential for an artists rap career

Whenever a release is available there should be some media coverage of it by third references like online magazines, urban hip hop blogs or print mags. The reputation of having written reviews of your music or yourself as an artist gives you an enormous amount of credibility and helps you to get taken serious as a real musician. It's also a way to differentiate yourself from all the other aspiring rappers. Let's be honest: Anybody can write a post about himself where he says he is the best but is this credible? When other people mention an artist its a much more trustable source and the artist himself appears more professional. Most hip hop bloggers charge for mixtape reviews and even then it is not guaranteed that you will get listed as featured release. However we found a urban hip hop blog which is legit and trustworthy and might help you to get your first review of your mixtape. Remember that a mixtape review is a great way to push your release further as you can always link to it in your press kit for example.

Get your mixtape reviewed and start building reputation as a serious artist

We have tested the service below and got very good results. We further got testimonials from clients who did an interview with us and they confirmed that NuEraMixtapes is legit. We are therefore proud to recommend their mixtape review service to upcoming rappers as a good and affordable way to build reputation.