Cole Godd will give you The GOOSEBUMPS!! *Cole Fever*

Featured artist: Cole Godd - Cole Godd will give you The GOOSEBUMPS!! *Cole Fever*

Below is a short interview with the upcoming underground artist Cole Godd.

How did you decide to become an artist?

Cole Godd: Well, music been around me ever since I came into this world. However, I was in this mindset of getting an education; where you go to school, get a degree, and work for the rest of your life then retire. Not what I was aiming towards, but in college my click and I will freestyle and that will be all we do lol. See music was there! The passion was there! But, the focus at the time was being the first generation of my family to be something. I been wrote lyrics at a young age, talent shows, but the emphasis wasn't there until after graduating and working in a career. Late of 2015 I decided to work towards developing into an artist. That's where then I started working on my craft and development, and it's been two years in the game. Then on I continued growing, making music, and working like I just said, my craft.

The best advice I received was from attending a Sprite Lounge event last year of 2016, ran by Chicago's #1 radio station WGCI. It was an event of 50 selected chicago artists, given the opportunity to hear from professionals: Top Djs like DJ Smallz, Dj Milehigh, Dj MoonDawg, and more, along with A&Rs from labels and other staff; the words of knowledge needed to uprise yourself as an artist. As it was questions being asked at the end, I shared my question, "seeing as though there is a lot of competition out here, how can an artist branch themselves out and get connected with the people to hear their music?" All popular answers stated, "That you should invest in yourself. Utilize your resources, take advantage of this technology, work on your craft while taking in the knowledge to grow yourself. Get out here in the community and connect with people; djs especially and building relationships. The work comes from you. You only get what you put in" I recorded the whole event and will hear back on it continue motivating myself.

- Cole Godd

What about concerts? Do you play live?

I attend open mics in the Chicago area, showcases, every chance I get and connect with my community that way. Really took that in as an advice and it definitely means getting out there for people to see and hear you.

Best punchline you ever wrote?

"I do it for a reason now I'm glowing from around seas, who is he? The black that's blacka than a marker turn the man into a slaughter, I don't drink but on occasions I turn it up no time for sorrow, I'm the lotto…..I run smooth like the liquid running through your lungs Rich Mascato" lol.
- Cole Godd

What are you currently working on? Did you release something in the past?

I just released my first EP Mixtape, "Cole Fever" which is live on Audiomack and SoundCloud right now. Definitely follow me on Insta: @colegoddofficial
Twitter: @therealcolegodd
and get to know me, along with clicking the link in my bio. I'm currently working on my marketing piece, on the tape and continuing to create new music as I work on my next project, "ColeMan" (2017). A lot of work behind Cole Fever but the grind continues for me to bring more to the people. In addition, branching myself out in Chicago and taking on performances I can grab on.

Last but not least: Would you sign a record contract with a major label?

It's great to see how my independent people doing for themselves, QC The Label, CMG, for example, and it's a goal for me to have that of my own and bring in artists that's working on the same thing I am or was. I will sign a contract, however it depends on the terms and liking of what I'm given and what they get in return. It'll be an opportunity for me to give back to myself, my family, and other people. Grow into a bigger person and build connections. Then again, there's situations where people getting ripped off…..cause they don't know the business! I'm business minded so I'm aware of it all and will assure all terms are looked upon on. Wherever the upmost higher power, Allah, places me in front of, and wants me to go, that's the way imma take.

Any last words?

Much love to the people who already rocking and supporting me ­čĺ». Shoutout to Tha Godz, my forever team in my city. We doing big things. I represent my city Chicago, all sides and all people. Love is what we need. I'm putting the people on the map.

Where can we contact you?

Cole Godd:

Thank you for your time. We wish you and your career the success it deserves.


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