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Featured artist: Kidd Kadar - Good Day

Below is a short interview with the upcoming underground artist Kidd Kadar.

How did you decide to become an artist?

Kidd Kadar: I Decide To Become An Artist When I Seen My Older Brother Record His Rap Song On A Boom Box In My Grand Parents Basement, Our GrandParents Raised Us, I Though It Was Cool Too Hear Yourself Because I Hear Music On The Radio And I Always Wonder How It Work, Do They Come To The Radio Station & Just Perform It All Their Live Its Like Hearing Yourself On The Radio

The Best Advice Given To Me As An Artist Is Too Stay In Your Own Lane, Don't Be Afraid To Be & Sound Different And Get Everything Copy Righted Even If You Wasn't Going To Use It Lyrics Or Beats Too. I Made Beats Before.

- Kidd Kadar

What about concerts? Do you play live?

Yes I Play Live All Across Philadelphia And OutSide Of Philadelphia Area PA, And No I Don't Give Concerts Yet.

Best punchline you ever wrote?

Dont Believe In Me Believe The Government So What Im Young I Dont Give A Fuck Like Im Celibate I Graduate 2012 And Im Intelligent I Dont Go In Girls Raw Cuz I Have CondomSense
- Kidd Kadar

What are you currently working on? Did you release something in the past?

What Im Currently Working On Is My LP Fourth Project, Second Independent Mixtape Called Good Day Vol.2 Hosted By DJ KidRoc And Yes I Released Three Projects In The Past My First Mixtape Called The Prodigy With Artist JRansom From Phox Hound Ent. Together We Were A Group Called Name Brand Former Members; JBT The Difference, Acire, Amina Bell, & Shyna. The Second Mixtape Was Called Year One With A Music Organization Called ThisIsHipHop A Non Profit Talent Promotion And Development Program, Which Gain Me Sponsorship From Under Amour & Sneaker Villa. The Third Mixtape I Released Was My EP & First Independent Project Called Good Day Vol.1

Last but not least: Would you sign a record contract with a major label?

I Would Take A Distribution Deal I Have To Be In Control Of My Music And How I Brand Myself To My Audience. The Pros Of Signing A Record Contract Is The Exposure To Larger Scale Of Mainstream Audience The Cons Of Signing A Record Contract Is Being Shelved And Not Being Able To Release Music When You Want

Any last words?

Shout Out To GrandMom & GrandPa, Aunt Barbra, Cousin Janel, Cousin Brit, Uncle Rick, Uncle Zu, Uncle Mick, Cousin Tee, Aunt Silvia, Aunt Pat, Aunt Gwen, Aunt Tameka, Uncle Bob,
Bilal, Leeky Raw, Gotti Bay, NightMare, Rick Lo, Tiffany Fuk Cancer Philly Finest Barber Shop, Cousin TJ, Cousin Yasir, Cousin Kade, Gary, Cousin Deja, Cousin Kaia, Cousin Sharia, Manny, P_I_N_G, DJ KidRoc, Jransom, Mally G'z, My Older Brother Eazy, 59Th St, Dunlap St, RJ, Woo, Former Members Of Name Brand; JBT The Difference, Amina Bell, Acire, & Shyna Phox Hound, HNO, ThisIsHipHop, SG, Danni, Good Times, Twan Beatz, Sweeno Sounds, Dollar Sign Gwap & Dollar Sign Entertainment, So Raw Apparel, ISSP Clothing, Under Armour, Sneaker Villa, Dreaming Elegance, RawStein Family, Ashley Brown, K Smith, Philly Streets Talk, Calvin From SouthWest Philly, Callous, Luc Lyric, Jon Doe, The R-Kitech, DJ Sam 215, Kyon, Keith Tate, Lyriic, Keenan Sellers, Tee Jones, Norm Dash Omar Torrance Lawarence Robinson, Niqua Pointer, Reginald Platts All My Supporters, All The Artist On All Of My Projects & That Callob With, My Engineers, My Instagram Followers, All My Social Media Followers & The New Ones, SuperStarb & The Don Graphics, For My Graphics, The Whole Philly, All Social Networks That Posted My Music, Sir Anthony, RIP Uncle Anthony, RIP Josh, RIP Mikey, RIP Shizzy O Mack, PIP SK, Rip Montrell, Rip Ant. Free Ikainic & Main Man From Planet UpSet Free My Cousin Lil & All My Cousins Incarcerated Down South Shout Out Aunt Tameka, Uncle Bob,
Bilal, Leeky Raw, Gotti Bay, NightMare, Rick Lo, Tiffany Fuk Cancer Philly Finest Barber Shop

Where can we contact you?

Kidd Kadar:

Thank you for your time. We wish you and your career the success it deserves.


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