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The best advice someone gave me is to never lose the love for the music. Always do it for the love of the music.

- Yves Gamble

Upcoming underground artist Yves Gamble just answered some questions. Checkout the interview below and share if you like it.

Thanks for your time. How did you decide to become an artist?

Yves Gamble: Poetry has always been a big thing with me. The same with music. I listen to all types of genres but of course hip-hop intrigued me more than anything. I’ve been writing all my life so I think the hardest thing for me was constructing a verse. The person that got me into recording music is also an artist that I work with, Frito Pay. I made a song with him when I was 17 & the response was crazy. Hopefully that song cannot be found right now, ha. I liked hearing my voice & I enjoyed the process of creating something new. So 2 years later I found myself dropping my first mixtape. At that time I had other people recording me because I didn’t know anything about engineering & mixing, so it didn’t come out how I wanted it too. After that, I figured if I want to do this I have to take it seriously. So I learned how to record myself & instead of just rapping I learned how to create songs. I took some time off, found some new inspirations, dropped a few songs here & there. Next thing you know I had a catalogue of music. Ferbruary of this year (2015) I out out my best project to date Pression De’ which can be found on my bandcamp. ( I connected with different producers & artist from across the country just by networking & them hearing my music & wanting to work with me off the strength of the music. We’re now in July & I have dropped 3 mixtapes all this year & am gearing up for an EP release sometime next year. That’s my story…

What about concerts? Do you play live?

Not yet. I want to focus on visuals before I step on a stage. I what people to recognize my face when I perform.

Best punchline you ever wrote?

Wealthy inside my mind & not worried about the pocket until the profit get raked in I rattle off my conscience
- Yves Gamble

What are you currently working on? Did you release something in the past?

Honestly, I’m just working on creating new music. No projects in the works. I just dropped a couple short mixtapes called Things of that Nature & my personal favorite Ancient History. Both can be found on my bandcamp. But I will be releasing new music sometime soon.

Last but not least: Would you sign a record contract with a major label?

Of course. The only thing with me is I would want full control over the creative process. I want to continue to make the music I want to make without any restrictions. If that happens then I wouldn’t mind signing to a record label. Without that I will continue do to it because I love what I do.

Shoutouts and credits to the fam?

Dead Poets Society, Red Cup-DIRT, Fifty-Seven Zero, Cozy Boyz, Marcus, Stephen, Frito Pay, Pablo, AYE, Rick Rude, Dirty, Izzo, Tai Tai, Fittopher, Mega Mills, Balenciaga Banks, Capt Wolf, Lex, Trujillo, Dai Dai, Kill Bosby, Damardi, Port Chester, Christopher Robin…. RIP Robin Wiliams. You will forever live through my loose leaf.

So how can we contact you?

Yves Gamble:

Thank's for your answers, keep grindin'.


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