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Below is a short interview with the upcoming underground artist Eskr-One.

How did you decide to become an artist?

Eskr-One: Well I wrote graffiti first and that is where my mc name comes from. I have always loved hiphop culture and loved to write. I always freestyled in cyphers with my friends. Started writing heavily and practicing my flow and delivery to get stronger. Then a friend opened a studio and I just started banging out tracks and just kept on trying to improve and make hardcore 90s style hiphop.

Always be true yourself, never stop trying to improve, be humble and never stop working hard.

- Eskr-One

What about concerts? Do you play live?

Yes, Ive opened for many artists, like Reef The Lost Cauze, Chief Kamachi, Psych Ward, RA The Rugged Man and more. Performing live is great and the crowds energy elevates.

Best punchline you ever wrote?

murder scene art my heart the arc an iron man like tony stark write in the dark pen to paper creates sparks
- Eskr-One

What are you currently working on? Did you release something in the past?

Im curently working on collaborating with new and like minded mcs like Blaq Poet, Jnyce, R Rated, Julius Sleazer and producers Blaq Masq and Plague Plenty on their solo albums. And slowly putting together my second solo album. I have numberous mixtapes out, CreepShow : Jnyce x Eskr-One, Vanguard, Cut Throatz, and dropped my first solo project Beautiful Decay in June 2013

Last but not least: Would you sign a record contract with a major label?

It all depends on the record label, what they offer and whether they would give me power of my own creativity and sound. Prod are the fonacial freedom and chances to tour and make big alvums. Cons lose your independance and lose who you are as an artist.

Any last words?

Massive respect to Dystopianz, Optext Crew, R Rated, Sleazer, Army Of Darkness, Sadida, Illtemper, Blaq Masq the beast in the buttons, Jnyce the legend, and all the underground rsp cats grinding out.

Where can we contact you?

Eskr-One: Http://

Thank you for your time. We wish you and your career the success it deserves.


This interview was done by Amanda Aselia, a long time blogger and entertainment journalist specialized in the underground hip hop music field.

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