Why Kanye West is absolutely NO genius!

Kanye is calling himself genius repeatedly. Hi compares hisself with Davinci and Walt Disney. Absolutely ridicilous. But is this true?

Kanye is no genius
Kanye isn't perfect, like those that talk so bad about him i guess they're perfect and never made a mistake. But to talk about his baby, his wife and all the silly hatred, so what. Kanye doesn't care about what people think of him he just does his thing. Regardless if we like him or not he keeps going on. And thats a strength right there. After his mother died, he's never been the same, it's almost like he is going crazy..It's sad he needs to back to his basics..and start living in Peace with God or go isolate himself into another country so he can have his freedom back away from the bafomet media.  

But honestly: GENIUS??? When he produces a HIP HOP masterpiece beat? Genius. When he goes on and on name droppin people nobody knows? People gon' wonder what the hell is wrong with this egomaniacal douchebag that probably shoulda got smacked out a couple times? It's all love though. Just seems like Kanye loved what he did more before 808's and heartbreaks. Now it just seems like he needs re-assurance.

But just to make a last announcement: By convention, genius is not self-diagnosed. It is an honorific given by society. When it's handed out by the individual him or herself, the label doesn't mean anything anymore. Therefore Yeezus failed miserably. Just leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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