The Drake OVO record deal for independent artist scam

Lately someone on my facebook timeline (Timothy Rosevillain W., a independent rapper from Michigan) posted the following message concerning a contract about a record deal he got via mail, after being contacted via twitter :

Below is the screenshot of the actual artist-recording contract he found in his inbox:

 For everyone that not knows what OVO RECORDS is: This is actually the label founded by Drake, the biggest rap star after Lil Wayne at Young Money and Cash Money Records, and because OVO RECORDS usually being that big... it is obvious that these guys would've called a meeting, not an email to contact any artist they are interested in.

Ovo records does not send contracts via email to facebook rappers

Another guy in the comments mentioned that "OVO would've caught your show, knocked at your door and met moms and lawyer..physically." And this is actually absolutely right if you are trying to do business at that type of scale a label of OVOS reputation would do.

After they asked for the unsigned artist's social security number instead for his number of mixtape downloads it was clear that he was part of an attempt of a so called identity fraud. 

Kind of suspicious, huh? ESPECIALLY since they're asking for SS# without ever meeting that special guy, they want to sign onto the label.

Just to make this clear: A label, label manager, A&R or even a music promotion company asking for your social security number and your real name is never a sign of professionality and seriousness... That's called identity theft and is a felony. So please, everybody who is getting these kind of mails BEWARE and do not answer! Please be careful and don't give out your social # to anybody!

Basically what happens if you do is the follwing:

Identity theft targeting out a local rapper is what it looks like. You've liked some links to show an interest in OVO, and rap, there's the motive to target you. OVO Sound has three artist on the roster, and might sign you, the unsigend artist, just by sending a recording contract? Don't you think if they wanted to sign another, they'd do a little more than just sending a 33 page document via email to sign you to the label? I don't wanna put you down, I'm just thinking about the logic involved, I'd assume there would be more of it.

So why is this a scam? It's a scam because I dont see any label signing an act without a proper meeting where managers, lawyers, and everybody get together to discuss it. So just delete it and share this post to warn other artists!

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