How artists can impress producers when rapping on their free rap beats

As a producer, I like an artist that can handle a challenge. You think I'm gonna give you the hottest beats in my catalog for FREE? No, take this mediocre beats and impress me. Once you can do that, you can HAVE ANY beat cause then I know your capable of greatness. Also, artists.... learn to rock with something other than the "trap beat" formula!

It's simple: "Perfection takes time and a shoutout is always welcome!"
Producers like Diddy, Kanye and Artists like Ricky - this is a business first. If you are both building, create a backend deal for royalties. To the artists, stop making free mixtapes. Make EP's and push that, the bottom line is gonna be marketing anyway. Producers just be willing to create more creative lucrative deals with artist that really make your tracks pop and stand out - this is the way to become successfull. A lot of artist are still building themselves... but artists need to know the producer is the first to invest and deserves to be paid first.

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