The 3 most important components for a rap career

Previously I have stated why some mixtapes of rappers don't get much downloads. This just leads to another question: if a significant label record deal will never cause success , however are you able to make it as a upcoming rapper then? After decades of observations , several conversations with struggling and unsuccessful rappers and those behind the business like rappers managers I came to the conclusion that there are 3 critical factors of the success as a independent, unsigned artist:  It's music, image and sales.

Let me explain the 3 points in detail below:

1. Music:

I would claim that this is often the most important and necessary factor of the 3 criterias for a rappers career. this could appear trivial, but it is actually really important and fundamentally for rappers. If they don't have top beats for their lyrics their music is just not relevant and appealing. So quality instrumentals and beats are important.

2. Image:

Rick Ross had a worldwide musical success. The miami hustler had sucess especially because of his image, however you don't need to not appear as if you are the second Rick Ross. Just notice that Kurt Cobain , 50 Cent, Lady Gaga or Marylin Manson all had or have their very own special image that distinguishes them from other musicians . If an artist doesn't get noticed, it becomes very hard to be relevant even though the music is hot .

3. Sales:

Even though you have the right music and an interesting image , it doesn't mean that anyone is aware of it . This is where your marketing comes into play: the proper marketing mix ensures that the product (like in your case tracks or music videos) reaches the target audience. The classical tools are concerts, radio, social media and ofcourse street promotion.

Many artists have their own marketing strategy: Justin Bieber was able to score with clever YouTube videos (Marketing) . Eminem's provocative image is obviously a massive a part of his success but definitely the music plays also a bigger role. However on the most important successes all 3 parts fit perfectly together and are the sum for the sucess.

Incidentally, this changes within the music business refer solely to the third point sales and with the new tools like social marketing channels the opportunities for independent artists are totally different and a lot of rappers understood that they have now chances that were once reserved just for the maajor labels.

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